Entrepreneur, me? It is, in the words of Claudia Valladares, Director of Impact Hub Caracas, a fresh, practical and inspiring guide for all those who have the restlessness required to be an entrepreneur.

In it, Álvaro Pérez-Kattar from his noble and sincere, optimistic philosophy and through the enriching testimonies of Veronica Ruiz del Vizo, Antonio Diaz, Roberto Cohen, Mimi Lazo, Daniela Kosan and Alberto Vollmer, makes us reflect and offers a deep look to the entrepreneurial capacity that all human beings have. It invites us to align our talents and life purpose and, thus, create a very personal formula to transcend and BE happy.

“Entrepreneur, me?” is a new title of Editorial Planeta Venezuela. The first edition is available at major bookstores in Venezuela and on Amazon.  Find it in your nearest bookstore.

Optimistic, me? Álvaro Pérez-Kattar checked if he had all his teeth. He had just woken up in an intensive therapy bed and that was his first instinct. Three days before, on December 23, 2010, he crashed with his motorcycle after leaving the radio station where he worked. His wound – both in the skull and in the temperament - was healed thanks to a newly-discovered conviction in him: optimism. This is how this Communication Specialist and Librarian, after five years of being on the verge of death and following the success of his viral campaign #AquíNoSeHablaMalDeVenezuela, presents his first book.  Announcer, writer and entrepreneur, he has also worked in radio, television and has given lectures as an inspirational speaker for those who dare to trust that everything will be fine if we take responsibility and train our minds.

“Optimistic, me?” is a book of Editorial Planeta Venezuela, whose second edition is now available at major bookstores in Venezuela and on Amazon.

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